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Pure Blend Pro Soil

Hydro-organic Fruit and Flower Soil Formula
American Agritech has specially formulated this organic bloom nutrient formula for plants in the final ripening of fruit in soil or hydro-organic gardening.

Cultivating fruiting and flowering plants in hydroponics requires less phosphorous levels than potassium and even nitrogen. In hydroponics, phosphorous levels that are too high tend to lock out calcium, magnesium and trace minerals. On the other hand, plants grown in soil need higher phosphorous levels due to clay colloidal particles that bind up phosphorous. Microbes in the soil also compete for the phosphorous.

When cultivating fruiting and flowering plants in soil, growers usually need to double or triple phosphorous levels, unlike hydroponics, thus making the 1.5-4-5 formula ideal for soil applications.

Works great for hydroponics too!
Although this formula is made especially for soil grown plants, we have found that it works great as a late season bloom stimulator in hydroponics. Excellent with the Botanicare Pureblend pro line, or with any hydroponic nutrient.
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