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Pure Blend Pro Bloom

100% Liquid Organic Nutrient--Grow and Bloom
Available in Vegetative or Fruit & Flowering Formula, Pure Blend Pro is a blend of organic and natural sources of essential major, secondary, and trace plant nutrients in 100% soluble form. The organic components enhance uptake and utilization of plant nutrients, providing for increased pathogen resistance and hardiness in your plants. Metabolic rates are greatly amplified enabling the production of fruits & vegetables containing greater amounts of minerals and vitamins crucial for human nutrition. A healthy alternative for the environment, the essential elements in PureBlend Pro are not derived from harmful chemicals. Since Pure Blend Pro is derived from 100% organic sources, it boasts of having no chemical buildup. We have found this solution to be the best Made-For-Hydroponics Organic nutrient available.

Many hydroponic growers have begun noticing a problem with the feeding chart/directions on the PureBlend Pro bottles. If you follow their directions you will find that the strength of your solution is way too high. It is best to monitor the PPM in your solution. Find out what your plant needs & keep your solution at that level, or maybe just a little higher. ... If you don't have a way of monitoring your solution, we HIGHLY reccomend getting a meter.
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2.5 Gallon NU-ONPB-B2.5 $118.95   $94.95
5 Gallon NU-ONPB-B5 $224.95   $179.95
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