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Stealth Series A/C

The Stealth Series Air Conditioner is based on a Triple Split System design. The quiet, air blowing part is inside the room, and the loud condenser is placed outside in a sound deadening box, eliminating up to 75% of the noise. The air cooled AC unit is pre-charged with refrigerant and uses re-sealable fittings for quick and efficient connects and disconnects.This system has the Plug and Play feature which allows you to install the system without the need of a certified installer.Plug and PlayPlug and Play refrigeration fittings make air cooled units simple to install by yourself; without the need of a costly certified installer. Each refrigeration line is pre-charged with the correct amount of refrigerant for your system. Just thread the fittings together and startup your system! The fittings are re-sealable unlike other copycats on the market meaning, if you need to take your system out for servicing or relocate your unit no refrigerant is lost and can be simply re-installed.
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2 Ton VT-THXLS-2.0 $5325.00   $5124.95
2.5 Ton VT-THXLS-2.5 $5600.00   $5374.95
3 Ton VT-THXLS-3.0 $5850.00   $5687.95
3.5 Ton VT-THXLS-3.5 $6300.00   $6164.95
4 Ton VT-THXLS-4.0 $6625.00   $6489.95
5 Ton VT-THXLS-5.0 $6999.00   $6749.95
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