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Sentinel CHHC-4 ENV. Controller

The CHHC-4 controls all of your growing area conditions accurately and reliably. First of all, it has all of the C02 control features of the CHHC-1 and CPPM-1. It also has the ability to control 3 other devices, a heating device and a humidity device. Records the min and max temperature, humidity and C02 levels.

Unlike some C02 controllers, the CHHC-4 is able to be calibrated by the user with the self calibration feature.
  • *NEW* Green LED lights make this unit very plant friendly
  • *NEW* Removable combination remote temp, humidity, light level & CO2 probe allows the CHHC-4 to be placed up to 16 feet away.
  • *NEW* Protective caps to help prevent water from getting into the controller
  • Monitors and controls CO2 with PPM accuracy
  • Also controls 3 other devices, a heating device. a cooling device and a humidity device.
  • Separate day/night temp and humidity settings.
  • Records the min and maxi temp, humidity and CO2 levels.
  • Has 2 separate outputs to control cooling and heating.
  • Can increase or decrease the amount of humidity in the growing area.
  • Remote temp, humidity, CO2 and light level sensor
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Sentinel CHHC-4 ENV. Controller EC-TH-CHHC-4 $799.95   $599.95
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