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Quantum Digital Ballast

The Quantum Ballast is one of the most reliable and versatile ballasts on the market. It can be switched from 120v to 240v by simply changing power cords (separate cords included).

Also unique to the Quantum Ballast is the three phase dimming switch that allows you to run your lamp at 100%, 75%, and 50% power. In effect, you 1000w ballast can become 750w or 500w without having to switch the bulb. It also allows you to change the intensity depending on what stage your plants are in.

Our favorite part of the dimming aspect of Quantum is the control it gives you. It can help you with energy conservation and even controlling the temperature of your grow room. When the outside heat waves make indoor temperatures too hard to manage, the Quantum Ballast can be dimmed down thereby lowering the temperature around your plants.

The Quantum Ballast is air-cooled and runs 15% cooler than other digital ballasts on the market.
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600W LI-BLQD-600 $259.95   $149.95
1000W LI-BLQD-1000 $393.75   $219.95
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