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Magnum XXXL + 1000 HPS

This grow light package includes the giant Magnum XXXL Reflector from Sunlight Supply along with a socket, a Sun System Ballast and a 1000 watt HPS bulb of choice.

Largest reflector in the industry
The Magnum XXXL Reflector Includes tempered glass, built-in socket & 15 ft. lamp cord. It is completely sealed - featuring gasketed glass and integrated retention bars to hold glass tightly in place. Made in the USA!!! The HIGHLY reflective German aluminum interior offers excellent
  • reflectivity and diffusion
  • Re-strike bend above the lamp for optimum performance.
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel body
  • Aerodynamic junction box improves airflow & cooling.
  • Maximum air cooling with built-in 6" OR 8" fittings
Includes your Choice of Ballast
This grow light is priced with the Lumenator Convertable Ballast. This ballast is capable of running at 120 volts or at 240 volts. It can fire either a 1000 HPS or a 1000 MH bulb. You may upgrade to a digital ballast. To learn more about the individual ballasts, click on the question mark below.

Optional Bulb Upgrade
You may purchase this light with a regular 1000 watt HPS bulb, or with the EYE Hortiux or SolarMax bulbs. You may also choose to add an additional secondary MH bulb, at a dicount.
Total Price:
Magnum XXXL Reflector Item Number Price
Magnum XXXL Reflector - 6" AB-RFSS-MG6 Add $0.00
Magnum XXXL Reflector - 8" AB-RFSS-MG8 Add $22.00
Choose Your 1000 Watt Ballast Item Number Price
Lumenator Switchable Ballast MH/HPS - 1000 AB-BLNM-1000 Add $0.00
Choose Your 1000 Watt HPS Bulb Item Number Price
Universal HPS Bulb - 140,000 lumens AB-BH-1000-S Add $0.00
Opti-Red Ushio - 146,000 lumens AB-BH-1000-UH-U Add $50.00
EYE Hortilux HPS Bulb - 145,0000 lumens AB-BH-1000-UH-EY Add $60.00
Optional Secondary 1000 Watt MH Bulb Item Number Price
Standard MH - 1000 watt AB-BM-1000-UM Add $25.00
Ushio Opti-Blue HPS-MH - 1000 watt AB-BM-1000-U-UM Add $80.00
Hortilux Blue MH - 1000 watt AB-BM-1000-HB-UM Add $180.00
None Add $0.00
Optional 240 Volt Power Cord Item Number Price
Optional 240V Power Cord - 6ft LI-HWSV-6PC Add $8.95
None Add $0.00
Optional Chain Hang Kit Item Number Price
CAP Light Hanging Kit LI-HWHK-LHC Add $7.49
None Add $0.00
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