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Adjust-A-Wing + 600 HPS

This Grow Light Package includes Ballast, Bulb, Reflector, Socket, Cords - It is ready to plug in and go.

About the Adjust-A-Wing Reflector
Adjust-A-Wings are 97% reflective, GLASS COATED aluminum wings. They are THE MOST efficient reflector available, as they allow you to truly control the light spread of the plants

The light spread can be taken from broad, even light patterns for maximum area coverage and deep foilage penetration. To uniform concentrated light patterns for use at greater distances above plants. Vertical adjustments to the lampholder provide a method for fine correction.
  • Increase the available growing Area .
  • Increase Yield per Lamp. Reduce heat, Save power
Available with your Choice of 600 watt HPS Ballast
With this grow light you choose the grow light ballast that will best suit your needs. We start the package of with the Lumenator ballast, but it may be upgraded to a Sun System I Ballast or a Lumatek.

About the Lumenator Ballast
This ballast can run on either 120 volt or 240 volt power. It comes standard with a 120 volt power cord. To use it at 240 volt, order the optional 240 volt power cord. With a five-year warranty.

About the Lumatek E-Ballast
The Lumatek line is the premier electronic ballast on the market because it delivers on promises of energy efficiency, higher lumen output, lighter weight and reliability. The output is generally the highest in its class, and the reliability of these ballasts has been unsurpassed.

The Lumatek 400 watt Ballast can run at 120 volt or 240 volt. It comes standard with a 120 volt power cord. If you would like to run it at 240 volt, order the additional 240 volt power cord, below.

The Lumatek is dimmable and can be used to fire both 250 watt and 400 watt bulbs.

The Lumatek can fire both HPS and MH bulbs.

600 watt HPS Bulb Included
Choose between a standard HPS bulb or an upgraded version with a better spectrum and more lumens.

Optional Super Spreader Heat Shield
The OPTIONAL Adjust-A-Wing Super Spreader creates a wider, more even light spread that eliminates Hot Spots and shady edges. It allows the plant to be positioned much closer to the light.
Total Price:
Choose Your 1-Component Soil Size Item Number Price
Adjust-A-Wing Medium AB-AWINGM-IN Add $0.00
Choose Your 600 Watt Ballast Item Number Price
Lumenator Ballast - 600 watt 120/240 volt AB-BLHB-600 Add $0.00
Lumatek Ballast - 600 watt 120/240 AB-LM60-SSUH-120 Add $150.00
Optional Super Spreader Heat Shield - Medium Item Number Price
Super Spreader Heat Shield - Medium LI-RFHI-S Add $22.95
None Add $0.00
Choose Your 600 Watt HPS Bulb Item Number Price
High Output HPS Bulb - 600 watt AB-BH-600-S Add $0.00
GE Lucalux PSL Bulb - 600 watt AB-BH-600-UH-PSL Add $20.00
Ushio Opti-Red HPS Bulb 600W AB-BH-600-UH-U Add $45.00
EYE Hortilux HPS Bulb - 600 watt AB-BH600-UH-EY Add $40.00
Optional 240 Volt Power Cord Item Number Price
Optional 240V Power Cord - 6ft LI-HWSV-6PC Add $8.95
None Add $0.00
Optional Secondary 600 Watt MH Bulb Item Number Price
HPS-MH Conversion - 600 Watt AB-BM-600-UV-UM Add $25.00
Ushio Opti-Blue HPS-MH - 600 watt AB-BM-600-U-UM Add $65.00
None Add $0.00
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