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Ona Breeze Fan

The Ona Breeze is battery operated, totally portable and provides odor neutralization to a room up to 1,500 square feet (15,000 cubic feet) or 166 square meters (500 cubic meters) for 3 - 6 weeks. This period will vary based on the ambient temperature, humidity levels of the room, and the airflow setting of the breeze. We've seen the Ona Breeze at work in some really odiferous situations & we love it.Uses 15 watts of electricity.

To be used with 4 Litre Ona Gel Pail
This hydroscopic polymer gel has been saturated with ONA Odor Counteractant (super concentrate. ONA's active ingredients are a blend of 32 essential oils and plant derived compounds, native to Australia and Asia. Effective even in low concentrations of 500:1, these components enable ONA to neutralize a wide spectrum of odors. There is not a more effective odor control product on the market today. A safe and biodegradable product designed for use in any environment.

ONA does not merely mask odors but bonds with the offending molecules rendering them odorless. It has proven to effectively neutralize virtually any odor permanently.

ONA gel pail sold separately.
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Ona Breeze Fan OD-GSON-BRZ $59.95   $43.95
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