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Merlin Garden Pro RO

RO technology is the most effective water filtration method. The Merlin Garden Pro byHydroLogic Purification Systems is the ONLY RO system that is made specifically for gardeners.

Tap water passes through a series of filters and membranes to reduce up to 98% of impurities - as small as 1,000th the width of a human hair –such as arsenic, lead, radium, and many others. Merlin’s four-stage design uses a carbon pre-filter, two RO membrane elements, and a carbon post-filter to produce the highest quality water.

The new Merlin RO System features continuous-flow water production, so a storage tank is no longer required. The unit operates on line pressure, which eliminates the need for an electrical pump in most applications. The patented high-production, low-energy membrane reduces impurities in up to 744 gallons (2,816 liters)* of water per day!

What makes the Merlin Garden Pro Special?

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Merlin Garden Pro Reverse Osmosis Unit Item Number Price Quantity
Merlin Garden Pro WT-ROMR-K $588.95   $389.95
Hydro-Logic Tall Blue Pre-Filter Item Number Price Quantity
Tall Blue Pre-Filter WT-ROHL-TB $163.95   $139.95
Merlin Float Kit + Auto Shut Off Item Number Price Quantity
Merlin Float Valve w/ Auto Shut Off WT-ROMR-FVK $42.00
RO UV Filter Item Number Price Quantity
RO System UV Filter WT-ROMR-UV $99.00   $84.95
Merlin Flush Tank Item Number Price Quantity
Merlin Flush Kit WT-ROMR-FK $69.00   $64.95
Merlin Fliter Replacement Parts Item Number Price Quantity
Merlin Membrane (requires TWO) WT-ROMR-MM $142.00   $124.95
Merlin Carbon Pre-Filter WT-ROMR-MC $32.50   $30.95
Inline TDS Meter Item Number Price Quantity
Inline Dual TDS Meter WT-ROMR-TDS $41.95   $36.95
Choose Your RO Tubing Item Number Price Quantity
White 3/8" Tubing - 1 Foot DT-ROMR-TRW1 $1.00   $0.49
Black 3/8" Tubing - 1 Foot DT-ROMR-TRBL1 $1.00   $0.49
Blue 3/8" Tubing - 1 Foot DT-ROMR-TRB1 $1.00   $0.49
Neutral 1/2" Tubing - 1 Foot DT-ROMR-TRN1 $1.00   $0.49
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