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IntelliDose System

Take a leap into the future and unleash yourself from your reservoir! The IntelliDose™ autodoser from Autogrow Systems® in New Zealand has arrived in the U.S. and is available through the doser experts, American Hydroponics. Anyone who attended the Indoor Gardening Expo in San Francisco in August will remember this sophisticated controller!

Talk about easy! The era of hand-dosing seven days a week is over. Whether you are beginning with a small hydroponic garden or making a living as a full scale hydroponic farmer, the IntelliDose™ takes care of your plants! Imagine the possibilities!

Are you tired of fiddling with your pH daily? Tired of calibrating, testing and topping off to make it “just right"? With the IntelliDose™, those days are behind you. Simply calibrate the pH probe twice a month, designate your set point and the IntelliDose™ does the rest. Your plants will love you for it! The IntelliDose™ will run pH Up or pH Down for even better accuracy. The pH range is 2.0 to 12.0.

Now, for the most exciting part! For the first time ever you can control the unit with your PC. You can easily install software on your computer and connect the IntelliDose™ through a USB cable (all supplied). Once connected, you can run the AutoSet Wizard™ and your system’s dosing times, intervals and necessary levels will be programmed for you. If you like to have more control, you can manually set up the IntelliDose™ via PC or on the monitor itself.

With the IntelliDose™ you can:
  • IntelliDose™ controls your nutrient and pH levels for you, on demand.
  • Doses up to an eight-part nutrient recipe, with the ability to program adjustable ratios for each of the parts.
  • As plants consume nutrients, NutriDose compensates by adding more nutrient concentrate.
  • As water levels decrease, NutriDose can balance the ion ratios in your reservoir by adding water (with installed float valve).
  • Measures in 3 scales, CF, EC or PPM, and can measure from .1 to 99.9 CF / 0-4999 PPM.
  • Constantly measures pH and adjusts accordingly, either up or down.
  • Quick and easy pH and Conductivity calibration helps ensure proper measurements.
  • Monitor and control the IntelliDose using your PC or laptop (certain requirements apply) with the supplied USB cable and software.
  • On-screen displays make your PC or laptop an incredibly informative console for control of your NutriDose and nutrient tank.
  • Utilize the data logging feature to track the nutrient uptake, pH fluctuations and temperature changes
  • Set the alarm for a phone alert via PC modem if something goes wrong
  • Designate different ratios of your A, B and C nutrients for exact measurements
  • Automatically adjust your nutrient levels between day and night

    If you'd like to find out more about the abilities of this incredible doser, you can shoot us an email at info@gchydro.com. One of our experts will be happy to help you out.

Choose your Dosing Method
We sell the Intellidoser standard with the 4 Part Solenoid Board - These solenoids dose the reservoir with the help of gravity, by opening and closing as directed by the Intellidose. The Intellidose is capable of automatically dosing up to a 3-part nutrient solution and your choice of ph up or down. If a 2 part nutrient is used, the extra solenoid on the board can be used for additional cability of dosing ph up or ph down -- BUT the system can only automatically dose one or the other. If you are watching your Intellidoser on the computer, you can manually tell it to use the extra ph solenoid. The solenoid board includes 4 solenoids, mounting board and all hardware.

The peristaltic pump kit allows for the dosing of a two-part nutrient and either ph Up or ph Down. It includes three peristaltic pumps, rubber peri tubing and adaptors & all hardware.

Intellidose from AutoGrow Item Number Price Quantity
Intellidose EC-NCAG-IN $1799.95   $1596.95
Optional Intellidose Pumps or Solenoids Item Number Price Quantity
Intellidose Solenoid Board - 4 Solenoids EC-NCAO-INSB $400.00   $349.95
Optional Intellidose Nutrient & pH Stock Tanks Item Number Price Quantity
Optional pH Tank Fittings DT-NCAG-PHT $30.00   $27.00
Optional pH Stock Tank (w/ Fittings) EC-NCAG-PST $67.95   $62.95
Intellidoser Nutrient Tank EC-NCAG-NST $107.95
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