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Heavy 16 Bud A + B

Heavy 16 is a truly professional hydroponic nutrient. Technically, every type of farming is hydroponic (even soil) which is why Heavy 16 was designed to work with any media. Heavy 16 is complete, meaning it contains all essential macro and micro elements that your crop needs. This essential balance of elements means your plants produce more nutritious and heavy yields.

Please remember that this is a 2 part nutrient. You will need to purchase both A and B parts for either the veg or bloom nutrients.

Easy Yields – Field 16 have made Heavy 16 as powerful and user friendly as possible. This straight forward, easy to follow feed schedule is perfect for the indoor/outdoor gardener looking for simplicity and efficiency. If you are a beginner or looking to simplify your program, all you need is Heavy 16 and water. For the more discerning growers we recommend using microbial inoculants, organic teas, root stimulators, foliar sprays, sweeteners and enzymes in conjunction with Heavy 16.

Quality Product – We take pride in micro brewing every batch of Heavy 16 by using deep mountain well water that is highly filtered and heated. We precisely measure and refine each ingredient to ensure absolute consistency and purity. We source our derivatives from trusted sources and never skimp on quality. The end product is worth all the time and extra work, because to the gardener it makes all the difference.
Choose Your Heavy 16 Bud A+B Size Item Number Price Quantity
Bud A - 1L NU-HNHBA-1 $13.99   $11.95
Bud B - 1L NU-HNHBB-1 $13.99   $11.95
Bud A - 4 L NU-HNHBA-4 $55.99   $43.95
Bud B - 4L NU-HNHBB-4 $55.99   $43.95
Bud A - 10L NU-HNHBA-2.5G $99.99   $74.95
Bud B - 10L NU-HNHBB-2.5G $99.99   $74.95
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