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Ebb-N-Gro System - 12 Site Kit

The Ebb & Gro system is a multi-pot hydroponics system that uses (2) two-gallon buckets and Hydroton as a growing medium. The two buckets are nested one on top of the other, the top bucket holds the Hydroton and the lower bucket holds and catches the nutrient water.

The lower buckets have a ½" tubing line connected to the bottom that links the 2 gallon “modules" to the controller bucket. The top bucket has a series of holes punched through the bottom, which allows the water to percolate up through the holes when filling or drain back down when in the drain cycle.

When the systems “fills" water is pumped from the 55-gallon reservoir into the controller bucket. The 3 ½ gallon controller bucket has several float switches installed, which keeps the water at the proper levels during the filling and draining cycles.

As the water flows from the highest point (the controller bucket) to the lowest point (each of the 2 gallon modules) gravity provides the mechanism to ensure that all the buckets are filled to the proper level. As the water enters the bottom of the 2-gallon “catch" bucket under very low pressure, it slowly fills from the bottom of the inner bucket to submerge the roots in freshly circulated nutrient water. In the process, gasses that are expelled by the roots are pushed up and out of the root zone.

Once the water has been distributed to all of the modules, the pump is shut off. A timer controls how long the fill cycle is and how long the drain cycle is.

Please Note: This system requires (2) 50 L Bags of Hydroton to fill pots. Hydroton is the red rock grow media that is shown in the product photo. It is NOT included with the system.
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