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C.A.P. XGC-1

The XGC-1e Xtreme Greenhouse Controller controls all of the main devices required in today's modern hydroponic garden.
  • HID lights are controlled by a precision 24-hour time clock.
  • Two outlets are provided for your lights.
  • Two of the outlets on the XGC-1e are for your exhaust fans or air conditioner.
  • A built-in thermostat and humistat handle the temperature and humidity
  • The two pump outlets controlled by the built in Adjustable Recycling Timer.
  • A selector switch allows the user to determine if the hydroponic pumps are to cycle only when the lights are ON or 24 hours a day.
  • An auxiliary NIGHT outlet is activated when the lights are turned off. It is perfect for controlling humidity at night using a dehumidifier or for a separate heater.
Supplemental CO2 is coordinated to work in harmony with your exhaust fan's temperature and humidity control functions. When the exhaust fans are running, the CO2 outlet is disabled to conserve CO2. A Fuzzy Logic CO2 Digital PPM Controller is built in to control your CO2 generator or valve. Fuzzy Logic(tm) can be compared to a good driver. As a good driver approaches a red light, he or she applies the brakes to gradually slow down BEFORE getting to the intersection. Fuzzy Logic(tm) uses the same idea to keep the CO2 level at your desired setting, without going over the set point.
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XGC-1 EC-MCCP-XGC1 $849.95   $679.95
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