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pH Mini-Doser

Introducing the AutoGrow pH Mini-Doser controller. This little beauty begins life as a simple and inexpensive nutrient pH monitor that gives you a continuous readout of your nutrient's pH levels. With standard features such as a built-in alarm, temperature compensation and an easy-to-read LCD display, the pH Mini-Doser is an excellent value.

The pH Mini-Doser may be used as a simple pH monitor or by adding solenoid valves or pumps (available as a complete kit), it becomes a fully functional dosing system. The controller senses fluctuations in pH and will add either acid or alkali (to lower or raise the pH).

The pH Mini-Doser uses a custom-designed solenoid board that is built with commercial-grade components and carries a solid guarantee to back that up. While the controller itself was designed in New Zealand by AutoGrow, the solenoid board was designed in-house at our California facility.

  • Upgradable & easy-to-use pH Mini-Doser is available as a simple monitor or as a powerful pH doser right out of the box.
  • No imbalances in pH
  • Longer times between nutrient dumps
  • Reliable, time-tested
  • Increased efficiency leads to increased growth
  • Adjustable dose and interval times (for large or small reservoirs)
  • Simple key pad to enter set-point, dose size and alarm points
  • Upgradable from high grade monitor to fully automatic dosing system
  • Built in alarm (may be disabled)
  • Temperature-compensated for accuracy
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Simple, push button calibration
  • 2 year guarantee on monitor/controller, 1 year on solenoid, 6 months on pH probe
  • The solenoid board provided with this mini-doser includes a top quality, long-lasting Betavalve solenoid body, tubing and wire, on a ready-to-mount module. The sample pot board also holds the monitors and comes ready for mounting. Tank nipples, valves and all misc. plumbing included. All the grower provides are containers for stock nutrient and pH adjuster.

    This high quality instrument is made in New Zealand by Autogrow Systems. Its big brother (NutriDose) is the preferred automatic doser used in most hydroponic farms in NZ and this miniature version utilizes many of the same time-tested components. Designed for the hobby grower who wants commercial results, these instruments are truly field and time-tested.
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AutoGrow pH Mini-Doser EC-NCAG-PH $799.95   $684.95
Optional pH Stock Tank (w/ Fittings) EC-NCAG-PST $67.95   $62.95
Optional pH Tank Fittings DT-NCAG-PHT $30.00   $27.00
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