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A.N. Hobbyist Bundle

The perfect starting place for new growers or for growers accustomed to basic fertilizer programs with some use of yield boosters.

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(*50 & 100 gallon bundles shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico may be subject to additional shipping fees.)

*Please note that the pH Perfect Technology by Advanced Nutrients has not been approved for sale in the United States. The bundles that we created are based on the latest Advanced Nutrients Feeding Schedule.

Sensi A & B base nutrients are easy to measure because there are only two components and have their nutrient ratios based on thousands of test gardens and research. Sensi A & B base nutrients also contain value-added components that will enhance the performance of any type of garden, and include:
  • F-1 (Fulates)
  • H-2 (Humates)
  • An amino acid complex
  • Wet Betty (non-ionic surfectant)
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Hobbyist Bundle for 20 gallon reservoir NU-ANHB-20G $262.16   $203.75
Hobbyist Bundle for 50 gallon reservoir NU-ANHB-50G $509.76   $427.75
Hobbyist Bundle for 100 gallon reservoir NU-ANHB-100G $1034.00   $865.75
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