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A.N. Grand Master Bundle

For cash croppers, well experienced individuals with very high yield expectations, and growers who have mastered the Professional Grower Level; the Grand Master Grower Level offers yield increase advantages on average of over 47% over the Hobbyist Level.

Free OverDrive, Bud Candy, & SensiZym with Grand Master Bundle! Free Shipping with all Bundles!!!
(*50 & 100 gallon bundles shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico may be subject to additional shipping fees.)

*Please note that the pH Perfect Technology by Advanced Nutrients has not been approved for sale in the United States. The bundles that we created are based on the latest Advanced Nutrients Feeding Schedule.

Products available to growers at the Grand Master Grower Level use powerful plant enhancers that will increase crop weight and reduce cropping time, and are combined with the nutrients and additives used trough the Hobbyist, Expert Grower and Professional Grower Levels.

These powerful plant enhancers will also increase essential oil production, promote a stronger and faster flowering response, while creating plants that are more resistant to the stresses of intensive growing environments.

Growers who have mastered the crop growing environment and want to achieve the ultimate results possible will benefit the greatest from choosing the Grand Master Grower Level bundle. Bud Ignitor – creates a stronger and quicker flowering response in crops when switching from vegetative growth into the bloom phase. Plants are able to channel more energy into creating blooms rather than leaf growth; increasing yields and reducing cropping time. Bud Ignitor is added the first week of initiating the bloom phase to trigger a faster flowering response. Bud Ignitor will also decrease internodal distances, giving growers more fruits and flowers instead of stems at harvest time.
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Grand Master Bundle for 20 gallon reservoir NU-ANGB-20G $707.60   $521.40
Grand Master Bundle for 50 gallon reservoir NU-ANGB-50G $1310.10   $983.40
Grand Master Bundle for 100 gallon reservoir NU-ANGB-100G $2427.34   $1751.40
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